Interactive Dance Performances

pictures of the different dance production pieces

Please visit the Dance.Draw website to see videos, photos, and the names of the dancers, choreographers, and technologists that make this work possible. 

Aesthetic Technologist

“Giselle” UNC Charlotte Spring Dance Concert, 2012
“Heavy Recursion” UNC Charlotte Fall Dance Concert,  2011

Code Artist

“Sound Painter” ACM Creativity & Cognition, 2011
“The Angled Angels Assembly” UNC Charlotte Spring Dance Concert, 2011

Software Architecture Engineer

“An Instance Of…” UNC Charlotte Fall Dance Concert, 2010
“Bodies/Antibodies” UNC Charlotte Spring Dance Concert, 2010
“Whispering to Ophiuchus” UNC Charlotte Fall Dance Concert, 2009

Interactive Art Installations

picture of the entryway into an arts gallery

Interaction Design Engineer

“PopArt Visitors” The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC, 2013 [Description, Photo]
“Interactive Surveillance” Dialect Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 2010