Video Directing

I have been privileged to be part of a live-video production community at Forest Hill Church. I joined this team as a volunteer, novice camera operator. A few years later, I started spending two weekends a month video directing three weekend services consisting of live music, a speaker, and various videos. The team is composed of a producer, a video director, an audio engineer, 6 camera operators, a camera shader, a lighting operator, and a computer graphics operator. The team is composed of mostly volunteers, but we’ve consistently had local employees from CBS or TWC tell us our production quality is top notch. In 2016, I became the Head of Production at the South Park campus. In 2018, I transition into my current role as the Director of Production at our bilingual campus.

Because of copyright limitations, broadcasts I’ve video directed are not available for online viewing. Sad times for me, but I respect the original artists and their creative work. However, the song below, written and sung by Jessica Borgnis, has been made available online.

  •  Production Credits

    Lead Vocal/Piano/Writer – Jessica Borgnis
    Background Vocal – Sara Scott
    Bass – Len Earp
    Drums – Titus King
    Electric Lead – Seth Worley
    Electric Rhythm – Matt Jernigan
    Keyboard – Johnny Fung
    Producer/Audio Director – Peter McKenzie
    Video Director – Berto Gonzalez
    Camera Operators – Elliot & Sharma Burk, Grant Haines, Jeff Jordan, Douglas Webb, Katie Holland
    Shader/Recorder Operator – John Kramer
    Lyrics Operator – Debbie Yacenda
    Lighting Operator – Andy Tullis

Behind the scenes


Little bit of @bertogonzalez magic behind the switcher at Southpark this morning

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Photos taken by Peter McKenzie.

Lighting Design

From 2014, I was granted several opportunities to do stage lighting design for Forest Hill Church and events hosted at the venue. Videos and photos cannot do stage lighting justice. So much of my artist-intent is lost, from color mixes, dynamics of intensity, syncing with the beat of a song, etc. Regardless, below are a few examples of the stage lighting I have programmed.

IMG_0147.JPG IMG_0146.JPG

Photos taken by me.

Between 2016 and 2018, I oversaw the stage and lighting design at FHC South Park. Below are a few examples of my work (lighting + video):


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Video Design

While not a requirement for my role, I occasionally create text animations in Adobe Premiere to augement select songs. The content will either consist of scriptures to be used during intrumentals or lyrics in the form of kinetic text. The same design principles apply to my work here as they did in my puublished work on the interaction between Dance and Technology (PDF)